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I am currently in Loerrach, Germany and I had two cups of coffee today. It is 15:11 where I am right now.

06:32 20:26


  • 14:28 Bosch S05E08: Salvation Mountain
  • 13:39 Bosch S05E07: The Wisdom of the Desert
  • 12:55 Coffee
  • 12:49 Bosch S05E06: The Space Between the Stars
  • 12:00 Bosch S05E05: Tunnel Vision
Latest Blog Post on November 4th, 2018:

The thing with Flickr

Basically everything has been said but not by everybody. So here’s me.

Flickr – remember Flickr? – is in the news again because the new owners decided that they would quit the (honestly insane) policy to let everybody just upload everything with abandon and restrict the free account to 1000 photos. This triggered a lot of discussion – MetaFilter is on it, obviously.
The only thing that is…

Latest Podcast on November 3rd, 2017:

House Party

Teymur und Dominik füllen wieder eine Dreiviertelstunde mit Content.