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Once a week I write a letter to my internet friends.

I have been told that it is amusing and informative - which is roughly what I want it to be.
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You know, just in case: Wikipedia List of Suicide Crisis Lines

21.07.2017 @299

Uff. #BREAKING: Chester Bennington of Linkin Park has committed suicide. RIP — TMZ (@TMZ) July 20, 2017

20.07.2017 @831

Am I the only one who gets a lot of Google Hangouts spam?

19.07.2017 @448

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I quite like The magical and the mundane.

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»Essentially, when you give someone a telephone number,...

18.07.2017 @456 • »Essentially, when you give someone a telephone number, you’re giving them direct access to your attention. […] And you’re giving them the implicit permission to interrupt you, any place and at any time.« – Petro Salema, beyond tellerrand 2015 [via] • Read more

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