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I am currently in Loerrach, Germany and I had no coffee today. It is 06:42 where I am right now.

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Latest Blog Post on February 18th, 2018:

Week 7, 2018

Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s keep going.

On Tuesday was another Photowalk/Meetup in Basel and it was fun – even though it was rather chilly and I didn’t really have any results.

But much to my surprise my new favourite food stall at Markthalle – Dragon Girl Dumplins – was open, so that was nice. (I’ll go for the dumpling and duck set the next time again, though – the soup is…

Latest Newsletter on February 12th, 2018:


Hello internet friends,

did you ever wonder Why Do We Need to Sleep? Turns out – nobody knows. (Of all the things we need to do, it is one of the best ones, though. Ah, sleep. That’s where I’m a viking!)


This post by Frank Chimero has been making the rounds and for a good reason: Everything Easy Is Hard Again Web development is constantly moving forward and evolving, which gets us to the…

Latest Podcast on November 3rd, 2017:

House Party

Teymur und Dominik füllen wieder eine Dreiviertelstunde mit Content.