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Once a week I write a letter to my internet friends.

I have been told that it is amusing and informative - which is roughly what I want it to be.
But don't just take my word for it - have a look at the latest email, sent out 3 days ago.
If you want to get those as well you are welcome to let me know your email address.

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JS breaks *all the time* - how is that so hard to understand?

22.06.2017 @380

Where are the feathers on 🦖 ? Come on.

21.06.2017 @354

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30.03.2017 @454 • Algorithmen vs. Humanismus Related: How do we reform tech? • Read more


23.03.2017 @418 • I bought a Tile thing, because – eh, why not? And so far it mostly works. It also works in situations it maybe shouldn’t work – I have the slim version, I put it in my wallet and it just so happens that you can press the tile to find your phone. So now I can’t have my wallet in my back pocket anymore because obviously when I sit down, it will press the tile and my phone will play a rather silly “here I am, find me” song. The future! • Read more

Europa bangt

15.03.2017 @476 • “Die Niederlande stimmen ab – Europa bangt” — Dominik Schwind (@dominik) March 15, 2017 Translation: The Netherlands have an election today. Europe is worried. (Here, Der Spiegel.) Europe the continent is named after Europa the mythological queen. The German word “bangen” means “being worried” but sounds like… well, like a not very nice word … Continue reading “Europa bangt” • Read more

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