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Once a week I write a letter to my internet friends.

I have been told that it is amusing and informative - which is roughly what I want it to be.
But don't just take my word for it - have a look at the latest email, sent out 2 days ago.
If you want to get those as well you are welcome to let me know your email address.

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26.10.2016 @891

There’s an online service of yore that I still really miss and that most people have forgotten.


25.10.2016 @325

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25.10.2016 @340 • I’m a bit worried that the updates to the Micropub plugin for WordPress broke my blog. (Which is of course massive hyperbole. But it doesn’t save the geodata and I can’t see in the code where the problem is.) • Read more


25.10.2016 @334 • Just drank: Coffee • Read more


22.08.2016 @472 • On Friday I learned about homebridge, a little server software written for node.js that acts as a bridge for non-homekit enabled Internet of Things things. So, some cursing and fiddling with a Raspberry Pi and node dependencies, I managed to get HomeKit to detect my WeMos and my Netatmo. Yay! • Read more

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