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Dominik Schwind

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Developer of code, taker of photos, writer of blog posts and newsletters. Semi-retired caster of pods.

I am currently in Loerrach, Germany and I had no coffee today. It is 06:59 where I am right now.

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Latest Newsletter on September 3rd, 2018:


Hello internet friends,

I hope this letter finds you well. It’s September already which is pretty wild. Summer seems to be over – when I put out the laundry it isn’t dry almost immediatly, which is a bit of a bummer. I’ve just gotten used to that.

Way back just when it came out I used to play this weird nerdy card game called Magic: The Gathering. The name? The worst. Me? Not a good player. I…

Latest Blog Post on March 4th, 2018:

Week 9, 2018

I never know how to start these. For my other weekly thing – which is my newsletter, if you’re new here – I found something. For these weekly updates, not so much. For a while I’ve been wondering if I should just combine these things, but to be honest – these ones here are mostly for myself and I don’t have any kind of illusions that someone else reads them.

I (finally?) got myself an Echo, which…

Latest Podcast on November 3rd, 2017:

House Party

Teymur und Dominik füllen wieder eine Dreiviertelstunde mit Content.